2000 seeds Broccoli Calabrese


Medium height variety, with medium growth leaves & medium size flowers, green color. Available in a 5 g envelope.
Packaging: Envelope
Sowing season: Spring, Summer
Sowing month: May, June, July, August
Harvest month: January, February, November, December
Special information
Latin name: Brassica oleracea botrytis cymosa
Variety: Calabrese late
Plant height (cm): 75
Head color: blue-green
Head Size: Medium / Large
Maturity: 160 days
General cultivation information
Seeds per gram: 350-400
Seed germination (years): 5-6
Planting depth (cm): 0.5-1
Planting distance between lines (cm): 50-70
Line planting distance (cm): 50-70
Seed germination in days: 6-8
Indicative growth temperature: 24-26 o C
Planting quantity per square (g): 0,1-0,2
Indicative yield per square kilogram:
It is a simple seed variety. You can keep seeds from the plants and sow them.
Packaging is guaranteed with quality assurance and all packages have an expiry date.
The tightly sealed aluminum envelope guarantees the germination / germination of the seeds.
The crop information is indicative. There may be possible deviations from the above information.

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