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Standardized: borage

Borage is an annual weed plant, of the Boraginaceae family, that is hairy and grows to approximately 1 ½ to 2 feet high. Some Borage leaves are oval and grow on the stem and branches while others are rosette-shaped.

It grows to a height of 60–100 cm (2.0–3.3 ft), and is bristly or hairy all over the stems and leaves; the leaves are alternate, simple, and 5–15 cm (2.0–5.9 in) long.

The flowers are complete, star-shaped, with five narrow, triangular-pointed petals. Flowers are most often blue in color, although pink flowers are sometimes observed. White flowered types are also cultivated. The blue flower is genetically dominant over the white flower. The flowers arise along scorpioid cymes to form large floral displays with multiple flowers blooming simultaneously, suggesting that borage has a high degree of intra-plant pollination. It has an indeterminate growth habit which may lead to prolific spreading.

The fruit consists of four brownish-black nutlets.

Some authorities consider the Latin name Borago, from which Borage is taken, is a corruption of corago, from cor, the heart, and ago. In all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, where Borage is plentiful, it is spelled with a double ‘r,’ so the word may be derived from the Italian borra, French bourra signifying hair or wool—words which are derived from the Latin burra, a flock of wool, in reference to the thick covering of short hairs which clothes the whole plant.

Borage makes an excellent companion plant alongside tomatoes, cabbages, and other crops, helping to ward away harmful insects and worms. It is also said to improve the yield and disease resistance of the accompanied plants.

 Not for internal use. Do not apply to broken or abraded skin. Do not use when nursing or pregnant.
 We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.

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