Clary Sage Essential Oil

Origin: France

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The sweet and clean odor of Clary Sage essential oil make it perfect for refined perfumes. For many years, it had been almost entirely used as a beautiful fragrance for top class girls.
Nowwe all know that Clary Sage has got a number of other fantastic qualities beyond its own herbaceous odor. Girls are treated particularly well by Clary Sage.
Clary Sage essential oil using its own muscatel — grape such as — scents is utilized to invent the flavorings to get vermouths, wines, and liqueurs using its beautiful tea-like undertones.
Indigenous to Europe, Clary Sage plants grow about 3 feet in height and create pink, blue or white blossoms, the many fragrant and resinous region of the plantlife.
The leaves and the blossoms are placed via steam distillation to extract the oil. Edens Garden’s Clary Sage will be the best quality accessible everywhere; exceptionally clean and lovely.
Source: Russia
Notice: Middle
Aroma: Sweet, herbaceous, refreshing, and likened to earl gray tea
Colour: Clear Employ a teaspoon above the stomach and massage. (1.7percent dilution)
CHEER: Insert to your inhaler and inhale needed: 5 drops of Clary Sage, 5 drops of Lime and 5 drops of Lemon. Or add 5-6 drops of the blend to your diffuser and simmer for 30-60 minutes.
BATH SALTS: Blend 2 drops of Clary Sage, two drops of Lavender, 1 drop of Frankincense (Carterii) and two drops of Frankincense (Serrata) using 1 tbsp of Jojoba oil plus 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Stir together and put in to a complete bathroom for a relaxing retreat.
INHALE AND RELEASE: Insert to your private inhaler and inhale needed: 5 drops of Clary Sage, two drops of Ylang Ylang and 5 drops of Mandarin. Or add 5-6 drops of the mix for a Scent Ball Diffuser and simmer for 30-60 minutes.
SLEEP TIME BATH: Add into a two oz squeeze bottle: 1 drops of Clary Sage, 5 drops of Geranium, 5 drops of Sweet Marjoram and 3 drops of Cardamom, subsequently fill with Jojoba oil and shake to blend well. Employ enough to pay the stomach and massage gently before slipping to a relaxing tub. (1.7percent dilution)
Security: If pregnant, nursing or under a physician’s care, consult doctor. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity happens. Prevent contact with eyes. Don’t use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of kids. Don’t use on broken skin or onto abrasions. Don’t use , unless guided by a certified Aromatherapist or physician. Potential light skin sensitizer.
OK For Children: 2+
Children Max Dilution: 1 percent

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