Dandelion Leaf


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Dandelion Leaf

Dandelion is a bright, lively, yet amazing plant that’s been utilized for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is cited in traditional Arabian medication in the nineteenth century.

Dandelion conveys a sun-yellow blossom head (that is really composed of hundreds of small blossoms ) typical of this Asteraceae household, which closes in the night or during overcast weather and opens up in the morning, similar to its cousin calendula. After the flower is shut, to a, it appears like a pig’s nosehence one of its titles,’swine’s snout.’ It’s a perennial herb with deeply cut leaves which form a basal rosette, slightly like a different relative, the lettuce, also contains a thick tap root that’s dark brown on the outside and white on the interior. It’s indigenous to most of Europe, Asia, and northern Africa, naturalized all around the planet, and generally found growing alongside streets and in yards as a frequent weed.

Dandelion is made commercially in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Romania, the former Yugoslavia, and the Uk. But, dandelion develops virtually everywhere, and is still rampant collected in many different climates, even from the Himalayas around approximately 12,000 feet, in which it’s often assembled for use in Ayurvedic medicine (the traditional healing system of India). Dandelion will grow everywhere, but will create more significant roots in moist, rich, deep dirt. Pharmacopeial grade dandelion leaf consists of the dried leaves accumulated before flowering and the origin accumulated in fall or if its inulin content is the greatest.

The usage of dandelion was initially recorded in writing in the Tang Materia Medica (659 B.C.E.), then afterwards noticed by Arab doctors in the 10th century.

Bitter, drying, and cooling system

Dried foliage or root as tea or tincture, powdered dried root soaks, or roasted and powdered and made into a coffee replacement drink.

Fresh leaf within an edible meals or tincture

No recognized precautions.
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Dandelion Leaf


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