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Figwort extract scrophularia nodosa 50ML

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Common Figwort, based on the Genus title, Scrophularia, stems in the plant’s original use as a cure for scrofula, a disease of the lymph nodes in the throat. This usage is a result of the similarity of this bulbous shape of the plant’s rhizomes to swollen glands. It’s regarded as a excellent diuretic plus a”blood clot” which also serves as a mild laxative and an analgesic. In addition, it has been applied together with the herb Yellow Dock for chronic skin ailments and as a liver detoxifier. This herbal tincture can be thought to have a stimulating effect in the liver, liver and blood flow.

Everybody should cleanse the lymph system of all of the wastes which are built up over a life. Fixing the lymph aids the body to cleanse each organ and system which you have. Now, our own bodies tend to be bombarded with undesirable toxins which could obstruct the lymph nodes, decreasing the body’s ability to withstand illness. Figwort is one of the most valuable herbs to your lymphatic system, particularly the lymph nodes in the throat.

Figwort is thought to have an influence on the whole body. Figwort was traditionally known as being a potent diuretic and detoxifier to help cleanse the system and remove wastes out of the kidneys. It’s referred to as a cleansing agent and was paired with salt for a tonic for the human body’yin’ energy. It’s helped to soothe the digestive tract by supplying hormone-like compounds into the human body and was said to possess a stimulating and strengthening effect on the kidneys and bladder.

Figwort was used to trigger the circulatory and blood system. It’s regarded as a cardio-active herb, which can be considered to stimulate and fortify the heart, in addition to slow down the pulse, and therefore, should be employed with care. The glycosides it contains make it appropriate for treating moderate heart problems which involve stimulating the metabolism and removing water retention within the body. For this use, the tincture is suggested.

Figwort is frequently used externally for chronic skin ailments like psoriasis and eczema and to care for the swelling and itching of hemorrhoids. Figwort liquid extract might help to expedite the recovery of burns and as a remedy for ulcers of the skin. In certain portions of Europe, it’s thought to possess anti-tumor abilities. It’s also an effective medicine for such skin disorders as rashes, wounds, boils, scratches, sprains, swellings, bruises and a few fungal problems. In addition, it has been applied to specific kinds of cancer and painful tumors.

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