Hedera helix Common ivy + 2 gifts

With each order,2 gifts: 1oz Turmeric powder and 0,5oz Ashwagandha powder!


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Hedera helix Common ivy
GenusHedera are evergreen climbing shrubs flanked by aerial roots. Clusters of little yellow-green blossoms are followed by typically black berries. Foliage of flowering shoots is frequently less deeply lobed than that of those sterile, climbing shoots

DetailsH. helix is a vigorous, self-clinging climber with three- to five-lobed, shiny, evergreen leaves, often with light green veins, and a few red or bronzy colors in autumn. Mature plants produce hairy, non-clinging branches using diamond-shaped leaves, and little, nectar-rich, greenish-yellow blossoms in clusters of curved heads in fall, followed by black berries in the winter

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Hedera helix Common ivy

1oz/28.3 Gram, 8oz/226.Gram

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