Helichrysum Essential Oil

Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Helichrysum Essential Oil
An attractive essential oil which protects and soothes, Helichrysum Essential Oil is beyond lovely. It’s used as a fixative in perfumes however is stunning when enjoyed by itself.
Helichrysum Essential Oil includes a musky, somewhat honey-sweet and pungent odor like crazy lavender, which makes it perfect for matching with Peppermint along with other neighboring vital oils.
Helichrysum is occasionally known as Immortelle or even Everlasting, because it’s one of the vast array of’straw blossoms’. It’s used enhance young skin and implemented to sore muscles to recuperate from overdoing exercise.
Native to the Mediterranean, Edens is mined from northern Italy; believed a premier growing area with this particular plant. It climbs up to approximately 2 ft in height and blossoms fairly yellow flowers. There are over 500 species of Helichrysum. The blossoms and leaves are placed through a steam distillation process to extract the oil
Source: Italy
Plant Role: Pictures and Leaves
Notice: Middle
Blends Well With: Peppermint, along with other mints
Aroma: Slightly-sweet, musky, and Allergic
Colour: Clear
MASSAGE BLEND: Insert to a two oz squeeze bottle: 10 drops of Helichrysum Essential Oil, two drops of Birch, two drops of Peppermint and 6 drops of Copaiba, subsequently fill with Jojoba oil and shake to blend well. Apply enough of the mixture to pay some painful areas and massage into skin.
RELIEF: Insert into a 5 ml roller jar: two drops of Helichrysum (Italicum), 1 fall of Black Pepper and two drops of Lavender (French or Greek ) and one tsp of Macadamia oil. Apply to affect accidents, the earlier the greater for greatest outcomes.
BATH SALTS: Blend 5 drops of Helichrysum (Italicum) and 3 drops of sweet using 1 tbsp of Jojoba oil plus 1/2 cup of Epsom salts. Stir together and put in to a complete tub for a relaxing muscular boil.
SKIN SOOTHER: Insert to a 1 oz bottle with cream and toaster: 3 drops of Helichrysum (Italicum) and two drops of Lavender, shake to blend well. Squeeze a small amount on your finger and then use with gentle strokes into some aggravation.
MATURE SKIN: Insert: 1 fall of Helichrysum (Italicum) into 1 tsp of Rosehip oil. Apply to faceneck and the back of handson. (1% dilution)
Security: If pregnant, nursing or under a physician’s care, consult doctor. Discontinue use if skin sensitivity happens. Prevent contact with eyes. Don’t use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of kids. Don’t use on broken skin or onto abrasions. Don’t use , unless guided by a certified Aromatherapist or doctor. Potential light skin sensitizer.
OK For Children: 2+
Children Max Dilution: 0.50%
Shelf Life: 7 Years

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100% pure Essential Oil

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