Mallow Extract

Mallow Extract malva sylvestris 50ML

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We made this infusion with a cold maceration method of extraction to make sure the wide spectrum of therapeutic plant chemicals – minerals, vitamins, alkaloids, flavonoids and other active components of the herbs are totally extracted and preserved.
Expertly expressed under rigorous quality criteria and processes from the Indian Mallow Dried seed. We thoroughly create our extracts based on exact criteria where every herb is extracted based on the different characteristics of every plant! Extraction rate: 1 teaspoon of extract is equivalent to approximately 330 milligrams of Dried seed!
We create our liquid extracts utilizing ONLY organic ingredients! Our extracts don’t contain GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, preservatives, fertilizers or pesticides!
Proudly made in the united states, in an FDA registered facility beneath srtict lab control.
Abutilon Indicum is a tree up to 2 m high. The stems are green. Leaves are 3-8 cm long and 4-7 cm broad, ovate-rounded, leaf base is heart-shaped, the foliage border is large-toothed, apex is acuminate. Corolla is 2-2.5 cm round, orange-yellow with 5 petals around 1 cm long. Fruits are around 1.2 cm long and 2 cm broad, spherical with oblate-shaped apex. Seeds are around 3 mm long, ovoid or kidney-shaped, black. *

Menstruum: Alcohol, vegetable hands glycerin, crystal clear water. Includes NO: GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, additives, additives, fertilizers.

Power: Dry plant substance / Substance ratio 1:3

Alcohol-based menstruum: Accredited Organic or Pharmaceutical grade double dried Alcohol, vegetable hands meals tier Glycerin.

Alcohol-FREE menstruum: Vegetable palm food tier Glycerin, purified crystal clear water.

Doesn’t include: GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, additives, additives, fertilizers.

Indications: Don’t use if seal is missing or broken.

Safety advice: Keep out of the reach of Children. Consult with a physician before using if nursing or taking any medicines. Don’t use if you’re allergic to any components. Don’t use if seal is missing or broken. Store in a cool dry location.

Suggested dose and use: Shake well before using. Consider about 20-30 drops (1 ml or 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb) to two ounces of water or juice around 4 times every day.

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