Marshmallow Extract


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Marshmallow Extract
We made this infusion with a cold maceration method of extraction to make sure the wide spectrum of therapeutic plant chemicals – minerals, vitamins, alkaloids, flavonoids and other active components of the herbs are totally extracted and preserved.
Expertly expressed under rigorous quality criteria and processes from the Certified Organic Marshmallow Dried Leaves. We thoroughly create our extracts based on exact criteria where every plant is expressed based on the different attribute of every plant!
Super focused Marshmallow tincture: arid plant material / menstruum ratio is 1:3! Extraction rate: 1 teaspoon of extract is equivalent to approximately 330 milligrams of Dried Leaves!
We create our liquid extracts utilizing ONLY organic ingredients! Our extracts don’t contain GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, preservatives, fertilizers or pesticides!
Proudly made in the united states, at a FDA registered facility beneath srtict lab control.
Althaea officinalis (Marsh-mallow, Marsh Mallow, or Frequent Marshmallow) is a perennial species native to Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, that can be used as a medicinal plant and decorative plant. The stalks, which expire down in the fall, are vertical, 3 to 4 feet (0.91 to 1.22 m), but can reach 6’6″ (2m), easy, or putting out just a few lateral branches. The leaves are soft and velvety on either side, because of a dense covering of stellate hairs. The flowers are shaped like those of the frequent mallow, but are somewhat smaller and of a pale color, and therefore are axillary, or in panicles, more frequently the latter. Mallow was an edible vegetable one of the Romans; a dish Marshmallow was among the delicacies. *

Menstruum: Alcohol, vegetable hands glycerin, crystal clear water. Includes NO: GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, additives, additives, fertilizers.

Power: Dry plant substance / Substance ratio 1:3

Alcohol-based menstruum: Accredited Organic or Pharmaceutical grade double dried Alcohol, vegetable hands meals tier Glycerin.

Alcohol-FREE menstruum: Vegetable palm food tier Glycerin, purified crystal clear water.

Doesn’t include: GMO, gluten, artificial colours, heavy metals, additives, additives, fertilizers.

Indications: Don’t use if seal is missing or broken.

Consult with a physician before using if nursing or taking any medicines. Don’t use if you’re allergic to any components. Don’t use if seal is missing or broken. Store in a cool dry location.

Suggested dose and use: Shake well before using. Consider about 20-30 drops (1 ml or 1 full squeeze of the dropper bulb) to two ounces of water or juice around 4 times every day.

Its consumption has an influence on the procedure for eliminating the lithium in the body. The lithium amount can become greater and contributes to high-priority side effects. Consult with a physician, maybe you’ll have to alter a dose of lithium.

Moderate Interaction with Drugs for diabetes (Antidiabetes medication ):

Marshmallow has an effect of decreasing blood glucose level of their human body. Thereby contemporaneous with marshmallow and recorded medications can reduce your blood glucose into the life threatening pace. Celebrate the degree of blood glucose . Consult with a physician, maybe the dose of your diabetes drugs will need to be changed.

Moderate Interaction with Drugs taken by mouth (Oral medication ):

Marshmallow contains mucilage. Mucilage can lessen medication absorbability within the body. Concurrent usage of marshmallow and Oral drugs can lessen the total amount of consumed medications, and reduce the effectiveness of your oral drugs. To be able to prevent this interaction, eat marshmallow no less than 1 hour following oral medication.


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