Mustard Seed Yellow Ground

Brassica alba                                                                         Origin:EE


Standardized: white mustard
Other: yellow mustard

Brassica alba Rabenh.
Plant Family: Brassicaceae

Brassica alba, Brassica hirta

Most people would be surprised to learn that yellow mustard isn’t yellow. The white herb powder is made yellow in the prepared condiment by the addition of turmeric. Dijon mustard is the condiment without the turmeric but with a relatively high concentration of mustard flour. Bordeaux mustard contains vinegar, sugar, and tarragon, and Meaux mustard is made with from mustard seeds that have been crushed rather than ground. The word mustard comes from the Latin “mustum ardems” meaning “burning must,” or a spicy combination of mustard (burning) and freshly squeezed grape juice (must).

Yellow mustard is a flowering plant in the same family as brown or black mustard, wasabi, watercress, horseradish, and arugula. Mustard can be made from whole seeds or the pre-ground seeds, called mustard flour. Making mustard form the whole seeds takes time because the seeds have to soak as the distinctly “mustardy” flavor matures over several days. Mustard made from mustard flour is nearly instant but very hot. Mustard made from the pre-ground seeds, called mustard flour, is nearly instant. It is also quite hot.

The whole seed, or ground.

Mustard is usually mixed with water, vinegar, wine, or with other juices.

May also be added to food, pickling spices, and is seldom found encapsulated.

Before there were lavatories, surgeons cleaned their hands with mustard. Yellow mustard can be used like brown mustard but for a milder effect. Yellow mustard seed powder is “hotter” than the whole seed.

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