Sweet Violet Absolute (solvent extracted)

Origin: france


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Sweet Violet Absolute (solvent extracted)
The Viola plant (Viola odorata) is a small perennial plant grown largely because of its decorative dark purple or white blossoms. It’s indigenous to Europe and Asia, but has also been released to North America and Australasia.

The sweet, unmistakable odor of Violet has been popular for centuries, especially in the late Victorian era and it’s been utilized as an ingredient in many perfumes and makeup. Both the foliage and flowers have a very long tradition of use in herbal medicine. It has been used as a treatment for congestive psychiatric ailments and sensitive skin ailments. Back in India, where it’s called Banafsha, it’s usually utilized in the treatment of sore throats and tonsillitis. Its odor was also thought to comfort and strengthen the center through times of despair.

It’s solvent extracted from the leaves of this plant leading to a really thick, green material that’s practically solid at room temperature (needs warming so as to earn the oil cellphone ).

In contemporary aromatherapy the petroleum is used because of its soothing and calming effect on both the brain, body and skin. Just like the majority of expensive absolutes and essential oils, Violet Leaf can be employed as a component in high end perfumes.

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solvent extracted


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