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Vervain – Verbena Officinalis
There seems to be a lot of confusion about the vervain plant verses the verbena plant.Vervain plant Verbena Actually it is exactly the same plant.

The official name for vervain is verbena officinalis, but it is commonly known as vervain. Both names are used about this plant.

This herb is found all around the world. It is a slim plant that may grow to be about 80 cm (32 in) tall.

It has tiny pale lilac flowers. The stem is square-like. The leaves are hairy and grow in opposite sequences.

It is a hardy perennial and self-sows. It grows freely in the wild and is often to be found along roadsides and in dry or stony grounds.

The whole plant may be used.

Leaves are used to make tea. The flowers are sometimes used to flavor salt.

Health Benefits
Vervain as a medicinal herb is mostly used as tea. The taste is bitter.

Vervain tea is known for its qualities to ease tension and stress. Drinking the tea may help you relax. Olso the tea is mild and is not used for insomnia problems.
This is good for people who are overworked. Some prefer to pour some of this tea into their bath water.

Vervain is diuretic. The tea increases the need to urinate. Maybe it is not a good idea to drink too much before going to bed.

Vervain is said to improve liver and gall bladder functions.

Vervain may stimulate the production of breast milk. Nursing mothers are from time to time recommended to drink a cup of the tea.

It is used to help women with irregular menstruation periods due to stress and women experiencing cramps and pain during menstruation.

Pregnant women should not use it. During labor a cup of the tea may facilitate contractions.

Drinking vervain tea in extensive amounts may cause nausea.

Vervain in Legend and Folklore
The flower has been considered a magical and sacred herb in many different cultures throughout the centuries.

The name “verbena” means altar plant. In Ancient Rome this herb was sacred. It was used on the altar in the temples. Vervain twigs were bundled and used to sweep the altar.

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