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White Birch Extract betoula alba 50ML

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The leaves of this shrub are packed with vitamin C and also are utilized to create herbal medication. Offered in dietary supplement type, white birch extract includes butalin a chemical considered to have properties that are properties. Some use the nutritional supplement to treat illnesses. White birch infusion is occasionally applied to the skin to help treat specific skin ailments.

Also called
White birch is known by several other names, such as:

Silver Birch
Downy Birch
Betulae folium
Health Benefits
Though there is now a lack of study on the health ramifications of white birch, a range of preliminary lab studies have looked into the possible health benefits of betulinic acid–a chemical created from betulin.


Betulinic acid might have anti-cancer consequences. In tests on cells, the study’s authors found that betulinic acid might help fight prostate cancer by boosting the breakdown of certain proteins which are”highly overexpressed in tumors” Overexpression happens when a lot of duplicates of proteins are created by the body. Overexpression was proven to contribute to cancer growth.

Furthermore, a study published in Clinical Cancer Research in 2003 suggests that betulinic acid might help combat melanoma, a somewhat less frequent, but more serious kind of skin cancer. From the analysis, tests on cells revealed that betulinic acid can inhibit melanoma development in part by causing apoptosis–a kind of programmed cell death necessary for halting the proliferation of cancer cells.

Last, a study published in 2012 analyzed specific procedures used to make birch bark extracts. Researchers found that all the extracts had anti inflammatory and antigrowth effects on cells.

It is important to remember that while every one of those studies indicates that betulinic acid can inhibit cancer development, additional studies are required to ascertain whether using white birch is advantageous for health in people. Research is continuing.

The essential oil extracted from white birch is believed to offer you an assortment of advantages when used as a rosemary remedy. By way of instance, white birch essential oil is supposed to soothe pain and improve mood. There’s some limited evidence that rosemary with various forms of essential oils gives health benefits.

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Other Uses
Many people today use white birch to treat different ailments.

Additionally, topical use of white birch is believed to cure conditions such as psoriasis, psoriasis, hair loss, as well as warts.

There’s not sufficient scientific proof to understand if white birch is successful in treating management of those ailments.

Potential Side Effects
But, there is some concern that white birch might be detrimental to individuals with health issues affecting the liver or heart. Thus, people who have heart problems or liver ailments should avoid using this herb.

Certain individuals can experience an allergic reaction when choosing white toast, such as people that have a known allergy to crazy lettuce, mugwort, or celery.
It might also lead to symptoms in people that are sensitive to additional crops, such as oranges, legumes, hazelnuts, and peanuts.

People that are taking a diuretic must exercise caution when choosing a white birch nutritional supplement.

Individuals who’ve been diagnosed with hypertension should talk to their health care provider prior to choosing white birch. There’s some concern that birch foliage may raise the quantity of sodium kept by your system.

Available for purchase on the internet, dietary supplements containing white birch are offered in certain natural-food shops and shops specializing in herbal products. White birch is occasionally marketed in capsule form. Some people also purchase birch bark to generate tea.
In accordance with government standards, it isn’t authorized to advertise a dietary supplement for a treatment or cure for a particular disease or to relieve the symptoms of a disorder. However, the goods aren’t analyzed by the FDA for safety or efficacy.

Sometimes, the item may deliver doses which vary in the specified on the tag. In other circumstances, the item could be contaminated with other materials.

Additionally, the security of nutritional supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and people with medical conditions or who are taking drugs hasn’t yet been established.

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