White Sage Powder


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White Sage Powder
Additional: California white sage,
White blossom is a flowering perennial that’s native to the Southwest U.S. Its tall woody stems and tiny white blossoms love warm, arid slopes with a great deal of sunlight, and flourish from the rugged heights of this southwestern canyons. The aromatic herb has been used for centuries and in smudge pots for ceremonial usage, thus its common name of white redeemed blossom.
Dried leaves
The leaves in their stem as incense.
White blossom grows only in the Southwestern portion of the USA, and there’s concern about its own wildcrafting because its average environs are taken over by human expansion. Additionally, a drought in 2002 seriously restricted the harvest of white sage, prompting several herbalists to indicate that fans consider developing their own. White blossom has medicinal and ceremonial uses and is frequently burnt as smudge sticks and in smudge pots.
Particular: Not for internal use.
General: We advise that you check a skilled health care practitioner prior to using herbal products, especially if you’re pregnant, nursing, or about any medicines.
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This advice isn’t meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.
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White Sage Powder

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